Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Me: sitting on the couch writing

Greg: Hey.

Me: *Silence*

Greg: So what’s new with you?

Me: Silence

Greg: Well I’m broke that’s what’s up with me.

Me: (in my head: the why the fuck are you here?)

Greg: I really want to hear you sing. Your next show is on tuesday right?

Me: Oh actually it’s on Thursday (It is on tuesday but he doesn’t need to know that)


Greg: Oh ok. Well I’ll be there. Although I have to put gas in my car and get an oil change so maybe I won’t be able to come

Me: I don’t care.

Greg: So have you like gone anywhere this summer?

Me: No.

Greg: We should go somewhere, before the summer is out

Me: *death stare*

Me: No.

Greg: Well. Think about it.

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