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Welcome To The Bitchery

Useless Powers

You know that feeling when you are able to do something semi-impressive but that thing is actually useless? Yeah, I know that feel.

So my account is a burner (for anonymity purposes) so I guard my key very closely and keep it saved in google drive. Over the last few weeks, my work computer decided I wouldn’t be able to copy and past on google drive without downloading the app on my desktop. No thanks. So I’ve been having to type out the my account key every day. And I’ve officially memorized it. 20 completely random letters, I have memorized. My social insurance number, on the other hand? HA! good fucking luck, I can’t even remember the first three numbers.


I have this tendency with a lot of things. I have memorized my library barcode! I haven’t visited the library in about a year, but it will always stick with me. Yet I feel a lot of more important things are constantly falling through my sieve-brain. So tell me kinja, what useless piece of information or hardly-useful abilities do you have?

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