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So I read the Article linked on the MP about Obama getting back into politics because the Democrats would rather focus on white men’s feelings than, fight for voting rights that affect the people who are their base. ( I have been purged from my voting rolls twice now, and when I asked why that is they said it must’ve been a glitch. mmmmh)

I made the mistake of reading the comments, but I didn’t get angry, just incredibly confused. Join me in my complete and utter confusion.

Sadly, and arrogantly, Obama thinks he is helping them. He simply does not comprehend that the majority of Americans didn’t want what he and the democrats were selling. So we have Trump.


But I feel like a lot of y’all were ready to get buck when you found out they were getting ready to gut medicare and fuck up the ACA. It’s something you wanted, so....What is the truth?

Obama, you creepy, sexually-perverted failure, please, PLEASE keep a high profile. Your endless list of weak or non-decisions as president makes it so easy to point out how the world got so dangerous. And DEMS, please run Hillary again. Or... pick a hateful bigot like Kamala Harris or Maxine Waters. Heterosexual white people and Christians have figured out how much the Democrat Party wants to destroy us!

Trump hired sex workers to pee on a bed, but the man married for 25 years is sexually perverted. That’s don’t make no sense.

and make sure NASA’s new role will be as intermediaries to Muslims! yeah, that’s the ticket! Seriously, it all comes down to one idea that the dems/progs have put into motion for 50+ years now. They want the end of all the “Progession” to be one world rule. We were getting quite close, but Trump ruined everything!! The progs will stop at nothing to continue what has been their objective. (NOTE: The ruling dems will rule over the whole world, and the rest of society will be the downtrodden masses. Masses=all libs without power, college students,and certainly any reps/indies.


I’ve read this four times and I got nothing.

Is that why Hillary lost because Obama voters like myself went to Trump? Trump was a referendum on Obama. Obama’s legacy is Trump. Wait for the 2018 elections and perhaps you’ll get a better idea of what I mean.


This is like when you are so close to an epiphany yet so far away.

Banana Nuts.


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