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I’m getting a long overdue haircut/ desperately trying to cover the gray today and I’m at a loss with what to do. I used to have a shit ton of curly hair. After some health issues and pregnancy and now a possible thyroid problem (jury is still out) I’m have like a third of what I had, the texture is off and the curl died. Went from 3cish to 3a- no volume. I think I have to chop some off to get some life back. It’s dry, lifeless. No oils, no conditioners help. Shea moisture, coconut, olaplex, castor- I’ve tried everything. I take supplements- no change. I’m sure it’s a combo of my medications and something up with my thyroid, but in the meantime I look a mess. So I need help. I’m debating between these 2 cuts. Cut is at 5. Help me GT! I’m open to other suggestions.

So no bangs though- I don’t have a face for that- and small forehead, but the rest of the cut may work for volume and the way my curls have died.
I love the volume on this- once again, prob lighter on the bangs. But I’m not sure it would work with how dead my curls are. The shape seems like it could still work though.

Prior hair, before medical stuff- ignore drunk face:

Now, sad sad hair:


Sorry for the bad example pics. I’m a photographer, so I’m BEHIND the camera- not in front of it.


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