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Anyone Seeing I, Tanya or Recall The Infamous Attack?

I recall the attack. At the time I was a Nancy Kerrigan fan besides being from New England and I prefer figure skating concentrating on classical artistic style over the athletic style of Tonyas. Both excellent but Kerrigan was graceful while with Tanya I thought too much was setting up for jumps. Her jumps were incredible I believe she is the first woman skater to do quad in competition.

Kerrigan did jumps but it always seemed secondary to her spins and her one legged glides.


Well they are making a movie with Margot Robbie as Tanya.

I always connect Julie Brown to Tanya. To me Julie Brown was so funny and captured the sideshow atmosphere of the events. Brown spoofed her and the events in a movie and music video.


Sadly Julie Brown vanished. The movie she made of Tanya was a movie of three parts, Tanya and Lorraine Bobbitt along with a third person who I cannot recàll,. I think it was called Attack of The Five Feet Women (?). I’ll google later.

Here is the Julie Brown music video spoof.

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