Antichoice state government is lying about the number dead. Its 25 not 26. A fetus is not the equivalent of the pregnant woman or anyone else.

Its just a psychological ruse. By making people think a fetus is the same as every other victim its a way for antichoicers to make people think a fetus is the same as everyone else. This is their trick to make people believe that a) fetus is a member of society like the 25 and b) with the fetus being same as the 25 then wouldn’t taking its “life” away in an abortion be just that bad.

If the family members want to mourn the loss of the fetus its their right. The state should not dictate we should mourn the fetus like the rest. I mourn for the family who mourns but not for the fetus itself. That fetus is no more special then a fetus lost in a miscarriage or abortion.


Once we use terms like fetal homicide, the killing/incapaciting a pregnant woman so she loses the fetus, it sets up the precedent of making abortions illegal. It also psychologically makes it easier for some people to accept it. Some people will then say “oh if a fetus is killed as a result of a homicide isn’t an aborted fetus just as important.”

Let’s not make any fetus special in society. Its great when a family considers their fetus as special but once a state forces us to by making fetuses part of a total in a massacre or makes laws including fetuses as part of homicides it creates a situation leading to making abortion illegal and some people accepting making it illegal due to making some fetus as special.

States need to be fetus neutral. A fetus should not be seen as special by making fetuses as part of a massacre total its making that fetus as special. By states making some fetuses as special that leads the way to making abortion illegal.