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Quasi made the best point. As a male I should have not chimed or in this case typed in.

LostMy also made some excellent points and Violet about how we need to see the fetus through the mother’s pov. The mother considered the fetus as welcome and as a baby we should too. I think it was Violet who said we need another term besides viable like potential.

Sometimes its good to stake a position then read other perspectives. Sometimes you say “yeah excellent point” othertimes “nah”. This case people had excellent points for me to digest. It does not mean at the end of the day I will say “ok changed my mind” in this case maybe slightly adjusted.


Is it a cruel position as one pointed out? That’s a darn good question. This I will reflect on. I am not posting an answer right away maybe in a few days or never and just let the question be in back of my mind when abortion is mentioned and my mind forms an opinion. I suspect less cruel and more dispassionate. Still maybe it is cruel. Let my mind wrap around this one. It will take a while.

Quasi kick me if I ever post about abortion again or say “god dude you are an idiot”. I should have known better.

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