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Welcome To The Bitchery

As a child I recall the hit that Daryl Stingley received. It was one of the brutal hits I witnessed. He was a Patriot. What Gronkowski did was not quite spearing but could have given the Bill Tre’Davious White a really bad concussion. You don’t hit them in the back when play is over. This is the kind of hit that leads to injuries. The Bill did go for a concussion exam.

Gronk was suspended one game.

I hope the Patriots recall the Stingley hit and release him at the end of the season. Gronk does not deserve to be called a Patriot.


The Tatum-Stingley hit. In some ways what Gronk did was worse. You can argue the hit Tatum made was brutal but it happened during play and was not an illegal hit. Illegal as in the rules of the game. What Gronk did was deliberate and after the play was clealry over. Sorry after rewatching the Tatum hit to Stingley again Gronk needs to be off the team.

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