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Star Wars Last Jedi Feelings and Questions spoilers








1] Carrie Fisher. I was sad so much every time she was on. I know she died but watching her especially with Luke made me fill up. I have known many senior citizens and if I did not know Carrie Fisher died at age 60 I would have said 75ish.


She came across not just as physically frail but not in good health. Just her body movements were very slow and she had this protective posture you sometimes see with those over 70.

2) Why didn’t Holdo tell the crew her plans? It made no sense. She jeopardized the rebellion because she did not tell folks her plans. It lead to confusion and a mutiny.


3) How did the Order get in a position that there are few rebels? Why are they rebels? Wouldn’t the Order be the rebels? Palpatine rose up withen the government and took control of the government which ran the galaxy. Leia ran the government so she would have had aall the levers of government.

4) How is.the First Order have any power? SNL in the 80s had a skit where Mike Dukakis (cannot recall actor) said “I’m losing to this guy?”. I had the same feelings. Ren is no Vader, Hux let’s face it his crew doesn’t respect him he is most certainly no Tarkin. Snoke well he is no Palpatine who knew how a government runs and knows how to wield power and not just the Force.


5) Rose and Finn. Zzzzzzzzz. Han and Leia, Anakin and Padme. Nope Rose and Finn boring.

6) I went to see all three original movies and seen them numerious times who was this Luke? I agree with Hamill this is not the Luke I remember.


7) Themes repeated or deja vu all over again.

A) A bar scene. Rich opulant but I will take the one in the first movie A New Hope.


B) I have not seen too many Battlestar Galactica episodes but episode two when the Cylons kept attacking the fleet every time they jumped and it was like clockwork. It kind of reminded me of this with the First Order and Ragtag Fleet.

C) Racing and a powerful child but very poor (this time slave) being Force sensitive. What is it with race tracks and the allure of Force sensetives to this sport. A young Anakin with Pod Racing and the child at end with “horse racing”.


D) Obi died to let Luke amd gang escape and Luke died to let Leia and gang escape.

8) Where is Ahsoka? She needs to be in movie 9.

9) The Outer Rim. Why do I think they are settng us up for next trilogy dealing with the enemies who are Force Blind? Ones from New Jedi Order.


I loved the space battle scenes and the scenes on the ship trying to escape from Snoke’s ship. I just could not take the First Order seriously. The problems especailly with Hux seemed more pronounced in this film.


I think its worse then both 7 and first trilogy. I liked.3 far more then this it was a far more focused movie Better but barely over number 2. Rogue One is not a mainline movie but also better.


I would have liked it more.if they dumped.the Rose and Finn storyline. It was boring.

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