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The pros and cons of staying at a job that gives you a pros and cons list evaluation...

I figured you all might want an update on the “pros and cons list” evaluation situation!

So, I calmly sat down with my boss yesterday afternoon with a printout of the pros and cons list, and I went through the cons with him. Long and short of it is, he apparently legitimately thought he was being helpful with his evaluation? I explained carefully to him that it would have been way more helpful if he had actually provided some strategies for improvement, rather than a list of random negatives. Hilariously, he said that his wife (a university researcher and professor) thought it was an “unusual” way to evaluate someone, but he’d already written it, so he plunged ahead.


He also admitted that he didn’t see the negatives as really very serious items, but he had to put something down or it would be weird, and so he put down the small things he noticed. I said that some context for that would have been helpful.

I don’t knowwww. I will probably hold off applying to jobs until after a big conference at the end of March where I am presenting at multiple sessions and it would be a huge inconvenience for folks to replace me, but after that, all bets are off.

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