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Job interview nerves!

Oh my god, you guys, I am so nervous. I have a THREE-HOUR job interview tomorrow. It’s with three different people, an hour each. I already had a first screening interview with HR. So, I’m pretty sure they’re really interested in me if they’ve booked me for a solid three hours. HR said they want to decide hopefully by the end of the month on a job offer to a candidate. That is... very soon.

My boss (of the “pros and cons list” evaluation) does not know about my interviewing. I’m taking a “personal day” tomorrow to study for the bar (which I will be doing for all of the other hours I’m not there, so it’s not a lie entirely).

I really, really want to get out of my current job, and this job is a HUGE raise and has good benefits and is with a nicely thriving non-profit. Keep your fingers crossed, everyone.

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