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I posted this on another thread, but today my airfryer broke. I had impulse purchased it after watching a guy on youtube fry up some tofu squares in one. That was the first thing I did and it was amazing. Baking at 400 degrees does the same thing as an airfryer btw, but an airfryer takes far less time (no preheating), you don’t have to flip the food half way through (just shake the basket), and you can use even less oil than baking.

I cooked so much in that thing – veggies (broccoli, green beans, potatoes), meat (chicken, hamburgers, pork chops), and frozen stuff (fries, veggie patties, egg rolls) and it all turned out crispy and delicious. But in less than a month it pooped out on me (Chefman airfryer, 3.5 liter, $60 – in case anyone wants to know what to avoid), and now I’m sad. It died half way through making homemade popcorn chicken, so I had to do the rest stove top. To get the same level of crisp, I had to drown it in oil and now I don’t even want to eat it. :S I’m looking for a new one, so if you guys have any recs please let me know. If you used one consistently for a year and it’s still going I’d love to know what it is.

Another impulse purchase that completely changed things for me – an electric kettle. I’m American, and I think kettles like that aren’t really common for us? Any time I wanted tea previously or quick boiled water I’d use the microwave. I bought this kettle a year ago (I love the blue light even though that doesn’t actually do anything [except look cool]) and I’ve used it every single day since then, and most days multiple times. I’m seeing what I think is calcium building up on the bottom, but it still works just as well as the first day I got it. It’s so much faster than the microwave or stove, and it shuts off once it’s reached the boiling point.


I use it to make oatmeal, ramen, or just speed up stove-top boiling. And of course making tea is a lot quicker too. But the biggest improvement for me was coffee making. I drink coffee every morning, so I used to use a regular drip machine. Now I just boil water and use a French press. No changing filters. No cleaning the drip machine. Just pour hot water into the press and wait a couple minutes. SO EASY. And the coffee tastes way better too, although it does take some practice learning how to use a press (and what you prefer). I also got back some counter space that used to be occupied by the drip machine.

I’m surprised at how much these things changed my routine. Especially with the kettle – I always used to think of those as extraneous kitchen gadgets, but no. It replaced things and ended up being so much more useful than I realized. I’m desperate for a new airfryer now, cause I love baked veggies but actual baking takes forever. My combo of using a rice cooker and an airfryer was everything I needed for so many quick and easy meals. I need it back. ;_;

I’m curious about what useful purchases you’ve made, GT. Doesn’t have to be kitchen stuff either. Any purchase that changed things for you in a surprisingly big way.

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