Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Welp, my at least 25 year old Braun food processor went out in a blaze of smokey glory tonight, tripping the breaker on her way. Lucky there was only smoke & no fire. Ooooof, I loved that kitchen machine.

I get unreasonably attached to my various machines & stick with them ‘til the end. They’re my friends. I could list a bunch of machines that I still have a love/hate relationship with, but many that are older than this one are still working, so they are obviously better than me....

Ms. Braun perished while grinding roasted peanuts. She’d had a bit of trouble before & smokily told me so. I failed to listen because I thought she’d live forever. G’nite, sweet Brauny~

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Seriously, I bought her in the early 90s; it’s gonna be tough to not be MAD at her replacement. I’m making dawg biscuits tonight, working on gluten free recipes. The gf peanut banana is what killed her.

What are you making? What machine are you attached to??

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