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So, this house we looked at yesterday...

I had pretty much resigned myself to not moving this year because we just absolutely couldn’t find a place that was big enough for everyone AND affordable. This house basically fell into our laps after Husband heard about it from a friend of a friend. And, you guys, I just don’t know how I feel about it!

It’s 5 bedrooms, but only 1 bathroom. It’s not a whole house, but more like 3/4 of a house, because there’s a 2 bedroom apartment attached to part of one side. There’s a lot of space, it’s nearly 1800 sq ft, but it’s laid out so oddly... it’s kind of rambly and maze-like, with the stairs hidden round the back, tucked away from the rest of it. Walking in, there’s a living room that leads into the dining area/laundry room (washer/dryer included). There’s a bedroom with a walk-in closet (the only window in this bedroom is IN the closet!!) off the dining/laundry area. The kitchen is a tiny room tucked behind the dining room (and an electric stove. Feh.) and then there’s a... storage room? Mudroom? Large, empty, tiled, space with built in closets/cupboards with no apparent purpose? where the back door is located. The basement also opens off the dining area, but is essentially just a creepy, low-ceilinged, fieldstone coal cellar that we likely wouldn’t use for much.


The only bathroom is off a hall at the back of the house. No bathtub (BOOOO), only a shower stall. The stairs are past the bathroom and around a corner, leading up to the other 4 bedrooms, all of which are tiny. Like, maaaaybe-fit-a-double-bed-and-a-dresser-only tiny. With sloping ceilings and windows that are nearly on the floor. Those 4 rooms are the entirety of the upstairs, just a landing and bedrooms.

No garage, just a paved area and a carport, and a large shed for storage. There’s very little yard on “our” side, it’s all on the other people’s side, but the owner said I could make a small veggie garden on the strip of grass on “our” side. Several big trees, but the yard is mostly weeds and mosquitoes :/ Biggest downside of all... NO PETS.


I. just. don’t. know. There are quite a few negatives, but when you’re trying to fit 6 people (me, H, O-H, and kids 2, 3, and 4)... I feel like I can’t turn down a place we could all fit into AND afford. The kids like it because they’ll have their own rooms for the first time ever, although they don’t like the no pets rule any more than I do, but us adults are all kind of ambivalent. It’s close to my parents, OldestSmacks and his fiancée, and O-H’s family. H’s family are all down here, though, so we’d see them less.

In short... ARGH! What do?!?!

Seriously, does anyone have any advice? I’m just totally on the fence and would welcome any words of wisdom. We filled out the application and are waiting to see if they will even approve us, but meanwhile...

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