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Northern England Recommendations

Hi all :-) Would love some recommendations on travel between London and Edinburgh.

Will be with my boyfriend and parents. I lived in London and have been since, and also have spent time in Scotland. BF has also been a few times. This is my parent’s first time traveling abroad so I am more focused on them, although they are super flexible and open.


Parents are going ahead, starting in London and stopping in Liverpool (for obvious reasons) on the way up to Edinburgh, where we will meet up with them. We are training down and wanted to take a few days and stop 1-2 places....and I can’t decide. I am woefully unfamiliar with northern England. BF recommended York.

We’re all fairly easy going, BF and I LOVE food, parents aren’t as into it. All big walkers, more interested in taking in a nice city/town rather than seeing sites or anything touristy. 


We will be there in October.

Any recommendations welcome!

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