Since I spend 45 minutes to an hour (each way) commuting 5-days a week, I’ve become hooked on audiobooks to pass the time while I drive. Those suckers are expensive, so I wanted to share my current favorite app.

I’ve been using Libby ( together with my library card to check out tons of free audiobooks the last few months.

The app is super easy to use, free, and you can also use it for e-books to read on your phone, Kindle, etc! The only downside is that, just like going to the library to check out any other book, they may not have what you want, or someone else might have it checked out.


I’ve worked my way through the entire Temeraire series, a few detective novels, and I’m up to the 10th book of the Dresden files, so I’ve saved myself a few hundred bucks so far. I know a lot of GT’ers love books, and several of you have commutes similar to mine, so I had to share. :)

Does anyone have any other favorite audiobook apps to share? Resources for free or cheap books? Do you have a favorite audiobook/series to recommend?

ETA more info: Violet mentioned in the comments that sometimes the selection can vary from app to app, and suggested Cloud Library and Hoopla as two additional apps that might help you find something specific.  Thanks Violet!