Yes, it’s here! TGIF everyone! Thank GOD for this week to be over. Ok can I just say seriously fuck right-out-of-school-arrogance? We have a new extremely young person who started and has loudly been parading around talking shit about her fellow students who ‘are not passionate enough about their craft’ to be able to maintain real jobs. Wha? Also this person is that person who loudly claimed to stand in front of her favorite piece at a museum and start sobbing in joy. She’s coming out of her shell and is annoyingly turning out to be an elitist snob judging others who don’t have her same ‘passion’ for her craft in her work. I had a friend like that who would question me several times on why I didn’t seem like I looooooooved what I did enough for her to be satisfied. I told her eventually we couldn’t be friends anymore and received 30 shocked texts from her. Look, man, it’s not my place to judge other artists based on their sheer character or personality. Art is subjective hence someone may be as passionate or more so than you and not talk openly about it? Just...fuck that noise seriously and at work. Calm down and be grateful you even HAVE a job.


Also FUCK this heat! And let’s hope we don’t get hurricanes this year!

How was your week? Weekend plans?