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Someone posted this on my FB this morning and it made my eyes roll. All I see here is a mediocre third place dude taking all of the attention and focus away from a woman who actually accomplished something. No wonder she’s fucking crying. WE’RE ALL CRYING SWEETiE. GET USED TO THIS PARADIGM AND FEELING DEAD INSIDE.  God forbid a woman be crying because a man is unfairly taking away her moment, she should just be CHOOSING TO BE HAPPY regardless of how poorly she’s treated.


This is also brought to you by my absolutely hatred of anyone who says things like “happiness is a state of mind” or “choose happiness!”. I am an optimist and I think positive thinking and focusing on good things is great! But happiness is not something you can bully or force your mind to and that’s some deep seated victim blaming bullshit. So everyone going “so cute!” or “so true!” on my FB this morning to this can just shove it.  I’m worried feminism has ruined me haha.

Please share your own stories of things that people think are cute but are NOT or please just share actually cute things

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