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So our fearless leader and his family (Ivanka and Jared are Jewish, you know!) are going to Pittsburgh despite the fact that the Governor, the Mayor, the leaders of the synagogue, and 74,000 people who signed a petition have asked them to wait to visit until the funerals of the victims are over.

There are no security options available because they are at the 3 funerals that are happening today.

This is going to go well.


Evidently there are protests planned


So the Trumps went to the site of the shootings, and they now are standing outside the synagogue with the rabbi—who previously was very gracious and said he would be welcome.

Ivanka has a mean smoky eye happening and has mastered the sad face.

Protestors nearby, singing—not a lot of noise or shouting—they just have signs —there does not appear to be any opportunity for Trump to speak publicly—they kind of just stood there a while and Trump and the Rabbi spoke quietly-and then they just got back in the car and left.
SO weird.


Oh great NOW they’re going to the hospital to “comfort” the wounded.

Evidently he did meet with the widow of one of the victims as well.

ANNNNND there’s this.

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