Gather ‘round, friends. Today we’re going to stray from our usual format & take some time to remember & celebrate the pets who have left us, always too soon.

Many of us have lost pets in recent weeks, and all of us care. We become so attached & invested in pets we’ve never actually met, but have come to love here on Fur Face Friday, so we thought it might be time to acknowledge them in a dedicated post.

Today’s picture is mrsfinch’s Mr. Fusspot (2000~2015), widely acknowledged as Fur Face Friday’s first, unofficial mascot. He was a very good boy.


We even put him on our Snout Selector name tags:

There were so many of your pets that we came to know & love over the years, and now think of with fondness. 

So show us your dear, departed Fur Faces and share some memories. Let’s take a minute for a collective hug & some bittersweet smiles.


We’ll return to our usual format next week & choose featured pets from facw’s FFF from November 2nd. xoxo