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Any other Chowhounds?

Specifically, I mean, at the forums at chowhound.chow.com? It’s basically stuffed to the rafters with the most pretentious assholes I’ve ever come across online. I’ve been active there for years, and they just kill me sometimes, BUT, if you really do need the best recipe for whatever they’ll point you in the right direction.

But good god, watching a fight unfold over what can or can not constitute being a “famous recipe” is soooooooooooo ridiculous. Then someone has to add that the whole thing is moot without links, someone else brings up this nifty little site called google, but that’s thousands of hits...


Anyway, curious if I’m the only one that subjects myself to this pedantic asshattery in the name of deliciousness.

ETA: Except the NOLA board, and other regionals (which can get huffy, but not often). But NOLA? They are of course the greatest in helping trip planning if you’re a food person

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