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Difficult cat situation

I adopted Stuart’s brother this morning. His name is Boggs. But... I think I have to return Stuart. The cats haven’t met yet, so it isn’t an issue between them. Boggs has a cold so they’re apart. Yesterday Stuart start playing in/flinging his poo. I’m not sure what his process is since I haven’t seen it, but he’s been coming out of the litter box covered in it and then tracking it all over the condo, which is carpeted. Not only do i have a large plastic tray under the litter box, I have one of those honeycomb litter catching mats in front of it. He just mashes poo into the holes. It’s gotten up the walls. I’ve had to bathe him, since he doesn’t do it himself.

I’ve been in touch with his former foster mom trying to troubleshoot. He hasn’t had any changes in food since he’s been here (and he’s on the same food as he was at her house), no changes in litter or box, no changes in my schedule. He was at the vet a week ago and got a clean bill of health. He’s been in my bathroom since this afternoon. She said sometimes small areas forces them to keep cleaner, but he’s poo’ed it up in there, too.


I feel like a terrible person but frankly, I can’t deal with another project cat. Gus had kidney failure, Mr. Toomey was... Mr. Toomey. I’m hoping he’s young enough that this won’t scar him for life. :/

Please judge me gently :(

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