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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Okay, so this post has an ulterior motive. I’m looking to buy a knit/crochet shawl to wear over the wedding dress next month. (Blah, more wedding talk..) And I found some cute ones on Etsy. I wanted to check and see if anyone has a favorite Etsy seller (are you an Etsy seller?).

I want to buy something like this:


I can’t decide what color to get. I guess our wedding colors are sort of navy/royal blue with pops of burgundy. The fella is wearing a blue suit and my sis got a navy blue dress as maid of honor. Not sure if I should go with a navy blue or burgundy. I also kind of want to do a dark grey or green color and be total Outlander Claire Fraser. My dress is champagne color so I could also go with that color for the shawl as well.

What about you all? Any small businesses to promote? Buying/planning on buying anything cool/fun/interesting? 

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