Slow day, I thought I’d start a new OT. Pour some tea and tell me how you are doing.

I had interviews for my study both days this weekend. I have had interviews at least one weekend day every weekend since september (except for the weekend I was in Las Vegas). Today I just collapsed. I did a little work, and then made salted toffee chocolate matzohs for a meeting on wednesday, watched a few delightful eps of Nailed It, cleaned the bathroom, made risotto for lunches this week, and now am going to watch Brooklyn 99. It was a good day, but I wish I could have been more lazy and more focused on taking care of me. This week may be rough - I want to be in better emotional shape to deal with it. But, there are a few bright spots- two colleagues are visiting from out of town this week and I will join them at the met after work tomorrow. Friday I can work from home. I have one interview on saturday and then I am completely done! I have 486 responses to my online survey and am hoping to break 500 - and I think that is do-able. My roommate leaves to go to her boyfriend’s (yay!) late next week which gives me a couple days totally to myself before I have to leave for my mom’s. And then my roommate isn’t back till after New Years - yay!!! I am going to take a chunk of time off over the holidays - I have plenty of vacation time, and I hope to have fun and relax. It’s been an exhausting semester.


So, what’s up with you?