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Welcome To The Bitchery

So we live in an apartment complex and obviously from time to time we will hear our neighbors. I think we’re pretty tolerant of noise in general. If it’s during the day and reasonable, or a short duration, or obviously like event related (some sports games our upstairs neighbor gets worked up over) we generally just ignore it.

However, our direct neighbors fight a lot. We’ve made one formal complaint about them when they had a screaming match at midnight to 1AM on a Monday into Tuesday night. PiranhaGuy almost called the police that night because we think the woman is physically violent towards the man. Since then (beginning of December) I feel like they reined it in/are just fighting when we aren’t home. We’ve heard a few outbursts but nothing worth filing another complaint about. Today though, I feel like they have been scream fighting all day. They will separate and it will be quiet for a few hours but then it will start up again.


Anyway, at what point do you think it’s worth filing another noise complaint when the noise isn’t during “quiet hours” (~10PM to 7AM)? The fights today haven’t been police worthy but they are annoying.

Side-note: I’ve found them on Facebook (saw a package with their apartment # in the package claim area) and the guy was posting about their 2nd anniversary last week and just how wonderful they are together 🙄

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