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Freaking out slightly

Advice / calming thoughts / etc. for someone getting promoted in a scary way and about to hit paralysis? I’m a bit of a rabbit in the headlights today.

It’s just been confirmed that I need to take a massive step up in responsibility at work. We’re restructuring things for reasons, and I’m basically going to be taking my boss’s role. We have a good team, and for the sake of all of us I can’t really turn it down. (For the same reasons we need to do the restructuring. It’s the best option, and not taking it could have serious consequences.) I’m going to have to be the face and the person at the centre in the spotlight, and I’m an extreme introvert with a phobia of talking on the phone who’d much rather be in the corner in a research rabbit hole.


Roundabout this time last year, I was hitting burnout because among many other things I’d been thrust into a senior management role without any management training. My boss hit burnout a couple months after me, and has acknowledged that he’s a bad example of how to handle it. But while he’s supportive and has reminded me not to internalize the stress and to ask for help, he also seems to have forgotten that I actually hit burnout too last year (even though my nearly breaking down and walking out at that point was one of the things that added to his load). We got rid of one of the biggest stressors and things evened out for a bit, but I’m not feeling up to the massive change that’s coming whether I want it to or not.

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