Updated - Thank you, all, for the thoughtful advice! I’ve spent the last 5 hours going through all the emails that have been forwarded to me, the lists for me of projects that are now “mine”, and my already lengthy project list. Now that I have the (current) scope of all the work, I can prioritize AND ask the director to sign off on what is vital-what can be handed off to someone else-what can be dropped. My little department (fully staffed should be six people + supervisor) is down to just me and 1 coordinator, so finding a WHO to delegate to will be a challenge; it will have to go to other teams. I do appreciate your personal experiences and your ideas!

It’s been awhile fellow Groupthinkers. I’ve tried to at least keep up with reading posts, but beyond that, whew.

I’m in a bit of a quandary trying to figure out the best course of action at work. Since August I have been “covering” three full-time positions due to our crappy hiring practices and the fact “things have to get done.” I am now, as of yesterday, taking on a fourth full-time position due to the medical leave of my boss. I am overwhelmed.


The issue at this point is how good of a job do I do with all of this? Do I give it my best, work the extra hours in the evenings and give up my weekends to make sure things don’t get dropped and things are done to my (high) standard? Or do I say fuck it, and do what I can get done during work hours and let the chips fall where they may?

Things to consider:

1. I am getting NO extra compensation - no comp time, no boost in salary, nothing. I’ve been told it isn’t allowed in our contract (I’m salaried), and will not happen. I am just expected to pick up the slack.

2. If I do a great/good job, it will reinforce the opinion of those higher up that our department is over-staffed, and we will have positions cut.

3. If I don’t do a good job, I look bad, important things don’t get done, and our department gets even more of a bad reputation.


4. Things are already being dropped/not done. Things that I consider “high priority” in my own job description, things that would actually improve performance, are the things deemed “lowest priority” as I cover the other positions. By dropping my own duties to do others, I am giving in to the belief that my job is not important or necessary.

5. Our budget is already tight and is being cut next year. There are no funds to pay temps or second assignments to bring in others to take some of the duties.


What are your thoughts? I am giving up two of the three days of this long weekend to try to get a handle on all of the stuff and get done what I can for the coming week.