Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s funny how quick the bots and shit-stirrers came out after Bernie announced he’s running.

Today I have already seen the classics -

“You shouldn’t vote for someone just cause they’re a woman”

“You shouldn’t vote for someone just cause they’re black” - oldie from ‘08.

“He’s the only one who can beat Trump!” and weirdly also “Trump is guaranteed to win now!”


Oh and apparently the media hates Bernie and refuses to give him any attention because they’re corrupt. But if he does get media attention (he is), well, that’s just cause he’s popular.

The misrepresentation of his voting record is back.

Rage at the DNC is back ...even though I don’t think Bernie mentioned if he’s running as a Dem? I could be behind on that fact.


Just today on r/politics I’ve been accused of being racist and also sexist for questioning if this is a good idea. I’m not sure how that works... but that particular flavor of illogic is something I very much remember from 2016. Reddit was basically unusable at the time. I’m sure Jez will revert to their Cool Girl ways shortly, so that’ll be unusable too.

I’m 100% going to vote for whoever wins the nomination. Nothing is keeping me from that polling station. But ...now I have to worry about the Bernie fans pouting and staying home again if he doesn’t get the nomination. I worry they will 100% eat up whatever bad actors say about Bernie’s opponents. Again.


I think the best way I can fight this is by ...becoming an expert about the positions of other Dems and just being there to correct when I can. Cause that’s realistic. But ugh ...I know I’ll do it. Well, try. This is going to be yet another exhausting fucking election. And on top of it we’ll have Trump being insane and the Republicans doing their corrupt shit in the background. 

Fuck this. 

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