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Who wants to help me plan a cosplay? Plus Borderlands hype

The Borderlands 3 trailer landed last week. Opinions vary, but I’m avoiding the naysayers, because I, good people, am HYPED. So many ladies! It looks like they’re mixing up the character formula, and the beefy melee character is also a magic siren! Look at her magic biceps!!!! LOOK AT THEM

Soldier is also a lady! And she can turn into a tank! I don’t have words.


I love them.

I also love the design of the villains.

Troy and Tyreen. We don’t know a lot about them yet. We can gather that they’re religious extremists of some kind. If Gearbox can be trusted, they’ll be simultaneously likeable and also complete bastards. But all I have right now is screenshots, and I wanna make out with Tyreen.

But since I can’t kiss a fictional character, I’ll just have to dress up like her. I’m going to FlameCon in August. Who wants to help me plan a Tyreen cosplay? Her hair’s not a stretch for me, I already have the back of my head buzzed. I’ll decide how extreme I’m going with that when I get closer to the date, but I’ll at least bleach it out and style it. I think some kind of day-glo paint on a nylon stocking will do the trick for her siren tattoos. There are no shots of her lower half, so I’m thinking cargo pants or military style pants and combat boots will suit the theme just fine.


Ideas for her cape? Needs to be packable (ish, I can probably swing checking a bag just for my costume if need be, but it needs to at least fold down into a bag without ruining it), not actually kill me of heatstroke, not actually weigh 80 pounds. I think that spiked collar, and the massive studded cape collar around it, will be the most important pieces. They’re also the pieces I’m least sure of how to make. They need to be structured enough to hold their shape and stand without support.

Also, any leads on comfortable, supportive, good for walking all damn day, combat boots? I have picky feet and fat calves, but I could use some ass kicking boots in my life, and they wouldn’t have to be just for this cosplay.


Edit: we found a shot of another angle! It’s not a cape, it’s a coat with ornamental shoulders she’s wearing like a cape! I might be able to start with a thrift store coat and modify it.

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