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Is anyone else just having a weird day?

I swear something strange is going on today, but maybe it’s just me.

This morning I tried to sign on at work, only to realize that I switched phones on Thursday and didn’t transfer my security data over to the new phone before deleting it from my old phone. So I spent an hour on hold with the help desk getting it sorted out, and when I logged on my boss had signed off because her computer was having issues.

Then, I took a quick break to run my laundry down to the basement and check the mail, and in trying to avoid having my dog run out off-leash, I shut the door. Imagine my face when I realized that my girlfriend had not locked the deadbolt, but she locked the door handle! I didn’t have keys or a phone on me, and my dog was going nuts. And the one time I needed the nosy neighbor around she wasn’t home. Her dog just came to the door and looked at me funny.


I hung out for a bit after trying both neighbors on either side, hoping I’d catch someone coming by. Of course no one came, so I walked around the corner to the yarn shop and called GC from there (thank goodness she’s got a super memorable phone number). After making my call, I thanked the saleswoman and went home to wait. It was only then that 4 different cars pull up while I’m waiting for her to come home.

She rushed home and unlocked for me, and after a few hours I decided I’m crabby and need lunch. I order lunch to be delivered, and the guy pulls up and just as I open the door he’s trying to deliver my lunch to the nosy neighbor’s house until I call him over.

Anyway, I’m gonna hide under a blanket now, kthx.

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