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Best New Things

My lentils, oh dog, do I have something for you all to try.

I spent a large portion of my youth in Texas, and as such I developed a taste for good Mexican food. I have a few places by me that are okay but only okay. The one thing I cannot find locally is a decent tamale. Dadlock knows about my inability to find a good tamale (because I complain about it), and he found me a solution.


Y’all, I ordered a dozen of the Beef BBQ and another dozen of the Sausage Potato tamales.


We tried the Beef BBQ ones Friday night, and we loved them. We tried the Sausage Potato ones last night, and we were floored. We will likely never make an order from them without the Sausage Potato tamales.

I wanted to wait to recommend them to see how they treated my digestive system, and I have had zero problems there. The order got to me quickly, the cold pack was still frozen, and they include cooking instructions for baking, microwaving, steaming, and boiling in the vacuum sealed bag.


What is the best new thing in your life?

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