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I don't know what else I was expecting from CBS

I’ve been watching the crappiest of crap summer TV lately on CBS. The show, “Blood and Treasure” is like a bad mashup of Raiders of the Lost Ark and National Treasure plus terrorism, lots of explodey bits and a guy playing a priest cosplaying as Patton Oswalt. I expect shit plotting but swallowing that Egyptian terrorists would blow up the pyramids in their quest to obtain a magical weapon hidden in Cleopatra’s tomb was tough. Although the ever present theme “Nazis stole it cause of course they did” is pretty standard now. A recent episode had them discovering a Nazi stash of gold in an abandoned train depot that apparently hadn’t been disturbed since 1945. Ok. Sure.  

But I digress cause that’s not what made me go hmmm. CBS is running teasers for their fall shows. One of them is Bob ❤️ Abishola. The fat white guy has a heart attack and falls for his nurse, a Nigerian immigrant.

Here’s the issue: after several years of #MeToo including CBS having to can their president for bad actions, having one of their stars outed as a total misogynist asshat, and with polls showing 60 something% of men are reluctant to meet with female colleagues because #MeToo will ensnare them; this fucking sitcom shows Bob essentially stalking this poor nurse because he likes the way his name sounds when she says it. He gets her home address and shows up, he follows her on her commute, he shows up at her work. Naturally in sitcom land this means they wind up dating (I presume given the title).


WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK CBS?!!! Did no one say um, hey, I don’t want to be a downer here but maybe let’s not normalize stalking behaviors and other Nice Guy maneuvers so that 60% of men can keep on NOT GETTING THE FUCKING CLUE?

Stick to stupid Nazi treasure hunting fanfic CBS.

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