Back almost a couple months ago, I was deliberating about applying for a job that I’d just seen the posting right before it closed. I had debates about the timing, and the posted salary range, but it was sort of a dream job, and the wise folk at GT told me I should go for it and apply.

Alas, now I have an interview! But here is the major dilemma. The timing issue is still there, and perhaps a bit worse. Back then, I thought there could *maybe* be a chance that if necessary, I could have my current postdoc work (at least the data collection and labwork) done with a chance of being ready to move on by September/October if necessary. However, there’s been some setbacks, and that is—absolutely not realistic. I think January is the most realistic time I could feasibly be starting a new job. But, I worry that might be too late for them. What’s the best way to broach this in the interview? I don’t know their timescale, but I would assumed that September is probably around when they’d want someone to start (the preferred qualifications are a PhD and some very specialized types of research experience, so unless they have an inside candidate there they already want to hire, anyone they hire would have to relocate).

Also, it’s been a little weird, because they sent an e-mail on the weekend asking to schedule an short interview about 2 weeks out, and only gave me one possible time slot. I responded back and got a vacation response, so it took a few days to get an answer about the length of the interview. It turns out the “short” interview is 30-60 minutes, which isn’t exactly what I was expecting (I thought “short” meant a 10-15 minute phone screening). I can still do it, but the interview will be at 8 am for me and if it goes til 9 it’ll be cutting it a bit close for what I have scheduled after.

ERRGH. There’s a lot about this job that is a dream job, and I would LOVE to move on to anywhere but my postdoc, but I hate the fact that having to finish up a job that is currently making me miserable could get in the way of being available for one that I really want. But on the other hand... the posted salary range is slightly less than I currently make, and if I slogged through a whole year more of my postdoc, it would be less rush and stress, and give me one more year to try at academic positions...