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So bad they're good movies

Do you have a deep, abiding love for cheesy movies? Then this is your thread!

First of all, have you watched Secret Obsession on Netflix? If you love early 2000s Lifetime originals, this movie is for you! Don’t watch the preview just jump in and trust. :D


Also, we saw Crawl yesterday and it was a) terrible and b) SO FUN!! I jump-screamed a couple of times but also broke down laughing a couple times. Definitely worth a viewing but do make sure you have popcorn to make extra sure you have a good time. ;)

This morning, I was making coffee and Homey was in the kitchen and I started talking about Crawl (“And another thing about that boat...”) and he was like, “You’re thinking way too much about that movie,” lol.


Crawl reminded me a lot of Deep Blue Sea. Have you all seen that one? It’s about genetically engineered sharks. I feel like Snakes on a Plane wishes it were Deep Blue Sea. Plus! There’s a song by LL Cool J about it (he stars in the film). And! Double plus! It was question on a trivia night I went to last month and I totally nailed that question. :D

What are you favorite so bad they’re good movies?

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