Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Unpopular/Hypocritical Opinion

I have always (probably unfairly) felt deeply annoyed with femme & cis women in relationships with men (typically who have only been and will only be in relationships with men), who make a big deal about being bisexual. I know it’s wrong. Please don’t feel the need to tell me how wrong it is.


But to see someone with so much freedom/privilege identify as bi, especially famous, pretty, white, rich, white women who get attention and “sexiness points”, always rubbed me the wrong way. Especially in my younger days when my parents didn’t speak to me for years because I was with a woman. They didn’t even meet my partner until we’d been together for more than 10 fucking years. When I worked shit jobs with shit pay and worried about getting fired for being gay. When I was worried about housing discrimination when we needed a cheap place to live together in the south.

Now, I am the asshole who refused to every identify as bi, but who is dating men. The best part...if my parents knew I was dating men....they’d fucking go nuts. Maybe some of my friends too. I still feel afraid of jusdgement and rejection. This whole thing is really getting to me tonight.

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