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Time to move the hoop!

As I predicted, summer is a busy time for me and I don’t have nearly enough free time to work on this thing. I can grab an hour here and there but the combination of too much to do and sweaty hands makes for slow going.

Currently at work on the right leg, which is the Blue Lion. There isn’t as much blue on there as you’d think!


My concerns about this section are that because it was the first section I edited, some of the choices I made here didn’t carry through to the whole piece and things I did differently elsewhere, I couldn’t go back and change because the stupid file decided to shit itself when I was 99% done editing it. So the yellow oval bit there is outlined in a dark brown instead of black and I won’t know until the thing is done if I like that choice. I probably *can* go back and pick it out and replace it with black but my very marrow shrinks from the thought of having to do that. We’ll see how I feel in two years (lololololol) when I get toward the end.

It’s still filthy and I’m still terrified about cleaning it while also being terrified at letting it stay filthy for the next two years. I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do about this, but I have talked to my dry cleaner and a few fiber artists I know and trust and they all say that it will probably be OKAY, SERIOUSLY STOP FRETTING ABOUT IT.

So I’m trying not to. ;)

Overall, I’m pleased with how this is going and I’m pleased with the progress I’m making. I don’t think I will need a straitjacket before this is all over, but we can’t rule it out.


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