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So many people here who’ve read my posts know that I was with my wife for a long time. Around 18 years. We are separated now, and I’m dating. Almost everyone I know, has only know me as a woman in a relationship with a woman. Now that I am dating both men and women, I feel a little back in the closet. Mostly because I hestitate to mention dating men, because it sometimes elicits a response that requires more explanation and I just avoid it. This is especially true with work friends who are mostly straight and married.

The final frontier is telling my parents. I actually fear they will react poorly. When I met my wife and we became they couple, they were so angry they didn’t speak to me for years. I am sure now that they will wonder, if I could date men or women, why did I put the family through that. The answer is simple, I fell in love. But they may not see it that way.


My thought is that I really don’t want to tell them much about who I am dating unless it’s serious enough for them to meet that person (they live far enough away that a plane ticket is required for visits). However, as things progress with a certain someone who I’ve been seeing casually for about 4 months.....feels weird. Single people - how much do you share with your parents about your love life?

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