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Got a new doggo

My best friend died. She had metastatic breast cancer, and fought for 8 years. It’s been shit and I’m devastated. I feel like I lost a leg. About 6 months ago she asked me if I’d take her dog, her baby, when the time came. Of course I said yes. I just didn’t think it’d be this soon.

My husband and my kiddo picked her up yesterday. Her name is Luna. I held it together when I picked her up from the friends house who was holding her, but I’ve been a hot mess since then. Also, poor Luna is a mess too. She has what I think is a stress rash all over her body, so she is seeing the vet today. Poor baby. She misses her mama. I do too.


Also, my smallest dog is terrified of her for no reason (well, size I’m sure), so hopefully that resolves soon. We are just slowly acclimating them. The other two did not care at all. My daughter is so so happy. They are best friends from way back.

She’s a total love and the biggest cuddler on the planet. Loves all the pets and attention. We went on a long walk this morning.

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