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You guys! It’s mah berfday! And it Tom.Cruise.Is.Weird’s birthday, too! We will have to do our secret Scorpio handshake before we jump into our cake. :D Happy Birthday, TCIW!!

Unfortunately, I’ll be starting my day out with a trip to the vet with the ol’ Boosepina. He’s got an ear infection, I think. Poor lil’, ol’ man.


I was meant to have a short day at work but a committee meeting was rescheduled (the most unkindest cut of all), so I gotta have my long ass, boring ass meeting. Then I’m going to a local pizza joint that has a bunch of old arcade VGs and pinball machines for birthday dinner with my family. I told Homey, “Bring quarters!” He said, “I can’t believe you’re making me go to Showbiz for adults.” :D

Anywhoozles, how are y’all? How’s your Thur. looking?

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