Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

early friday amot

good morning folks! it’s friday!! how has the week panned out for you? what are you glad that you accomplished?

my week was very busy, but it felt great to feel like i was crushing it so hard. i have mentioned the project i’m on at work and i gave a couple of web demos yesterday for it and i did great! a couple of my colleagues sat in on my calls to offer feedback and it was very positive.


tonight i don’t think i’m going to do anything, but i am usually wooed out of the house, so really who knows? tomorrow i am going to a friendsgiving dinner, so i am cooking something for that tomorrow. it should be a lot of fun!

also, because even at 32 i’m like, boy crazy, i am totes crushing on a cutie in the office. someone just date me already hahahah

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