Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Update 6 pm: By lunch I had enough, and my nurse practitioner husband agreed I should go to the doctor. I took PTO for the rest of the day and got a steroid shot and a steroid pack from the doctor and I’m currently soaking in an oatmeal bath. Looking at my legs, which have gotten worse today instead of better, and the suspicious red angry line my socks have left, I am now theorizing it is indeed something in the laundry. Gonna investigate alternate detergents tonight. Thank you, GT for all your support. I appreciate you letting me whine.

I was feeling off yesterday and then as I took off my clothes to head to bed I discovered I was covered with itchy, red hives all over my body. WHAT THE FUCK AM I ALLERGIC TO?? I had a fitful night of sleep. Benedryl seems to barely touch the itchiness. I first started feeling weird yesterday afternoon. I do not remember doing anything different yesterday or using any new products yesterday. I am so fricking itchy.

Live footage of me RN

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