Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m just curious what everyone really loved that came out this year. I feel like 2019 was a pretty good year for movies! I saw quite a few that I really enjoyed.

My favorite is Knives Out. I just loved everything about it, and I loved the energy in the room it created. Everyone in the theater with me laughed, gasped, applauded, and was just so into it from the moment it started.


In no particular order, the other movies were Frozen 2 (I will not admit to how many times I went to see it in theaters, shh); Parasite; Jojo Rabbit; The Lighthouse (because wtf); Joker (I know a lot of people hated it or didn’t know how to feel about it, but I really enjoyed it who cares); It Chapter Two wasn’t bad, I was into it for the most part; Midsommar (Jesus Christ); Endgame and Far From Home; and Rocketman (which, honestly, I went into not thinking it’d be a musical, haha).

What are yours, GT?

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