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What kinds of brand loyalty do you have?

While I have a Macy’s card, I prefer* to buy cosmetics and skincare at Ulta and Sephora because it’s totally normal to buy things from several brands at Ulta and Sephora.

I started my retinol Monday night (thanks, friends, for all the useful info on my comment on that the other night!) and I was running low on my spf. I fucking love the Shiseido Urban Environment sunscreen**, and I had some Macy’s star money, so it made sense to stop at the Shiseido counter. The lady was nice, but was kind of huffy when I explained I used products from several brands and no thank you I am not buying the “face softener” because I have a nice hydrating toner from Estee Lauder. Also P.S. lady I’m not dropping $100 on your serum when I have a nice one from my Ipsy box and just ordered a new one from The Ordinary to replace it when I run out in a week or so.


Sorry not sorry I have no brand loyalty in the sense of “will blindly use all skincare products from that company.” No one brand is exactly what I need, and many have ingredients in products I am allergic to (hi Philosophy, I’d love to use your Time in a Bottle serum but you fucked it up by adding soy flour) or just don’t have what I want in them (hi Lancome, your Genefique serum has no vitamin C).

So this got me thinking about what brand loyalties I have in general... kind of like how my dad will only buy DeWalt power tools or my mom will only drive Fords.


I think the only brands I have strong loyalty to are the Aldi and Costco house brands.

You think it’s a generational thing? Nothing against boomers, more that there are so many more choices for many things nowadays that it’s feasible to pick and choose? (Back to my skincare example, back when I was a kid if your mom wasn’t buying drugstore products, she basically could buy Clinique, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden — if you were like rich or something, or Lancome. Unless she had family/friend who sold Avon or Mary Kay and had her on lockdown as a repeat customer). 


*hahaha excluding when Lancome has a gwp at Macy’s because I love their eye makeup solvent and the bottle is expensive enough to get me the gwp

**I ended up getting their tinted Urban Environment sunscreen (it’s not moisturizing enough to be a bb cream, that description is bullshit) and it’s great!

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