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Makeup advice for a teen?

BabyBear is early teens, and is interested in makeup. I don’t wear it, other than occasionally for special occasions, and I have VERY basic skills (really, no skills at all).

What would you all recommend for youtube tutorials on beginning makeup, especially with “natural” looks? The ones I have found seem to mostly be about “natural” looks that include a lot of contouring and making a face look completely different, but not “overly madeup” if that makes sense.


She is a bit intimidated by makeup because several of her friends have been wearing it a lot for years, and they try to give her tips, but she’s uncomfortable with getting advice from them (either because she doesn’t like their look, or they’re overly aggressive about her NEED to wear it). I am letter her lead on this by and large, as long as it doesn’t become a time-suck (esp in the mornings getting ready for school!).

Advice, please!

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