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Welcome To The Bitchery

Can someone explain why conservatives seem supportive of Bernie?

Supportive probably isn’t the right word. But it seems like they really want him to win. And based on online trolls and bad actors, that’s always been the case. But why? Are they just THAT sure they will win against him, or is something else going on?

Fox and Friends was on at the gym a couple days ago and they seemed...condescendingly happy about Bernie doing well. And lately I’ve seen other conservative commentators with that attitude.


If it were me I wouldn’t be happy about that as a conservative. Bernie inspires the exact same hype and dedication that Trump inspires. I’ve even complained about it. He’s above reproach. And while that’s a downside there is a silver lining - we’ll get to watch those two extremely online fandoms drag each other.

Also we already know the worst about Bernie. But a rape fantasy story is nothing compared to Trump being an ACTUAL rapist. “We have dirt on this guy let’s hope he wins” is the last explanation I got for their smarm.

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