Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Bad News, Good News (OT)

I realized this morning that yesterday evening I lost my work laptop on the train. I was really, really tired and just forgot to grab the sleeve with my laptop when I got out. So far, so bad. Lost and found only opens at 11.00 the next workday to give information about property lost the day before. Call in to work, coworker: oh, so did you read the mail I sent you? (no, because no access to company mail at that time).

Good news: a woman had found my sleeve with the laptop and because there was one of my business cards inside, she took it into safekeeping and called work that she has the laptop, could I please come and collect it at a convenient time? And while she is now on a short break, her neighbour had a key and got me the laptop back, so with only 2 hours delay I could start my work day.


What random (or not random) bad news/good news things have happened in your life?

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