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Glimpse of Feminism in West Africa

Today I caught the tail end of a follow up interview by the BBC with Kalisty Ky. She’s a Senegalese screenwriter, producer and journalist and was on last year’s BBC list of 100 influential women - which gave her a huge push of recognition beyond French speaking West Africa. She’s best known for her TV series Maîtresse d’un homme marié (mistress of a married man). I want to watch the two series from what I’ve heard so far it is very successful in starting a debate about lots of issues central to women’s well being among them

  • domestic violence
  • marital rape
  • fidelity
  • polygamie
  • beauty standards
  • sexual self determination

For those of you with sufficient command of French, you can find a starting point here on youtube (and if your French is as bad as mine, it has English subtitles):

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