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Racist drama at Bon Appétit

I know there are fellow BA Test Kitchen fans here, so I wanted to share and see what other people are seeing about all this. EIC Adam Rapoport resigned after pictures of him in brownface surfaced, and then there were accusations that BA only pays white people for video appearances. Sohla brought a lot of that out in the open (she only makes a $50k salary in NYC as an amazing chef!), with her, Priya, Christina, and Molly pushing publicly for his resignation. Molly, Carla, and Andy said they will not appear in more videos until their BIPOC coworkers get equal pay. (Andy being on that list makes me wonder if this is specific to WOC?)




Of course the company denies it’s true, but I definitely believe Sohla over them. They’re probably just trying to argue it’s not an established policy to not pay POC and they probably have some roundabout justification for how it somehow coincidentally just so happens to work out that way.


Meanwhile, I’ve wondered where Hawa Hassan went because she had a couple awesome Somali recipe videos and then nothing. Turns out she was never even really on staff, but BA sure as hell pretended she was. Her statement about the whole mess was “burn it all down.”

I haven’t been able to find statements from the other youtube personalities yet (the story seems to only be hours old), so let me know if you find more! Delaney did have a good post on his Instagram about defunding the police. I’m hopeful that all the on camera personalities seem like good people and will stand together on this while BA gets their fucking shit together.

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