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Welcome To The Bitchery

Boo has passed on

We lost Boo yesterday and, as much as I want to be philosophical about it being his time or whatever, truthfully, I’m just devastated. He was a really important part of our family for 11 years and we are all feeling the loss in our household—even Buster keeps looking for Boo in other rooms and under furniture. He was very upset when we went to bed without Boo, wondering around and crying out, looking for him.

When we first got him, Boo was in rough shape and scared of us (and really all people). The last two times he purred in his life were when I tucked him in on Mon. night and when I cuddled him and sang him his morning song yesterday. It feels like such a precious gift that his last moments of happiness were with me. I sure love that boy. As I said all the time when he was still here, He is the best Boo I ever knew.

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