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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ugh! barking issue

I recently adopted two adorable dogs and they are wonderful companions. They were friends before and they are as thick as thieves! I’ve never had two dogs before and I love it but it is A Lot.

Their favorite hobby is barking, and they will happily bark out the window all day long. If they see a leaf move, they bark, and when one starts the other one joins in and they just do not stop! My neighbors say they can’t hear it but I cannot stand it, personally. I want dogs that bark when someone comes to the door, and I don’t expect dogs to never bark just because, but I’ve never had such barkish dogs. They aren’t scared, and it isn;t to get my attention, it;s just every little thing they see or hear presents an opportunity for a fun barking sesh.


Do any of you have any inspiration? I don’t want to use anything that will hurt their ears but at the same time they are hurting my ears. There are various ultrasonic products but I dunno about those.

Most frustratingly, I read that if you yell at them, they think you are just joining in to all the fun they’re having.  What do you think, GT?

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